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Field Name Details
Applicant Name Home Farm Pytchley Ltd
Location Pytchley House, Broughton Road,, Pytchley, NN14 1EH
Ward Slade
Proposal T1 Cedar - fell; T2-T12 Lime trees - reduce in height by 1.5 metres; T13 Lime - reduce in height by 1.5 metres; T16 Acacia - fell
Application Type Notification of Works to Trees in Conservation Areas
Case officer Duncan Law 01536 534316
Decision level description Delegated

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Event Date
Date received 09/03/2017
Validation/registration date 09/03/2017
Statutory expiry date 20/04/2017
Target Decision Date 20/04/2017
Decided on 18/04/2017
Decision No objection

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