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Essential Maintenance

We'll be carrying out essential maintenance between 9.45pm and 10.15pm on Thursday 29th July, impacting the Kettering area's site, payments and forms

Planning application search


From 01/01/2021 applications will be referenced in the format NK/YYYY/NNNN (eg NK/2021/0001)

2005-2020 applications are referenced in the format KET/YYY/NNNN (eg KET/2005/0001)

Pre 2005 applications are referenced in the format KE/YY/NNNN (eg KE/04/0001)

Discharge of Conditions:

These are referenced in the format AOC/NNNN/YY__

Search planning application proposals (e.g loft conversions)

Search for a decision in a given year

Or search for a decision between two dates

Search for an appeal decision between two dates