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Council launches new website

Published: Tuesday, 6th February 2018

Kettering Borough Council has launched a new website for its services at www.kettering.gov.uk

Homepage of new website

Council launches new website

Kettering Borough Council has launched a new website for its services at www.kettering.gov.uk

The website has a totally new look and replaces the previous website which had served the Council and customer well for a number of years, but was starting to show its age.

On the new site, customers will still be able to access the same services online as before, but with the added benefits of:

•    An improved experience across different devices, such as mobile phones, tablet  and desktop computers;
•    Easier customer access to the most frequently requested services;
•    Easier avenues to pay for, report and request services;
•    Improved security of the site and processes for making payments online (please note that the Council will now be using Worldpay as its payment provider)

We understand that some customers may be a little apprehensive when they see the new site as it will be unfamiliar to them.  
Customers should always ensure that they are visiting www.kettering.gov.uk the Council’s official website

Existing customers who are registered on the site and who have used it in the last 18 months will need to update their details when first logging in.  To do this, they will need to follow the instructions detailed on the homepage of the website

Given the complexities associated with a project of this nature, we anticipate that there may be some initial teething issues that will need to be addressed.  We expect most of these to fall in the area of the onsite search facility and we will work to quickly to iron out any issues as they are found.

If customers experience any issues or have any feedback they can contact us on: websitequeries@kettering.gov.uk