Privacy Notice - Building Control and Local Land Charges

Why we collect information about you

We collect and hold information about those:

  • making an application
  • contributing to applications
  • making enquiries, requests and complaints
  • carrying out notifiable building work
  • reporting dangerous structures and unauthorised works
  • who own or are responsible for land, buildings or structures that may contain unauthorised works or be dangerous

This information is collected and stored so that we can administer the services and statutory obligations of Building Control and Local Land Charges.

We collect and hold contact information by making requests to Land Registry for the purposes of:

  • advising property owners of a dangerous structure
  • issuing notices relating to demolition

We may receive and collect special categories of personal information where these form part of an application such as:

  • health data

How will we use the information we hold about you?

We will collect information about you so that we can:

  • assess fee exemptions
  • determine an application
  • provide updates
  • tell you the outcome of an application, enquiry, request or investigation
  • inspect notifiable building works
  • investigate reports of dangerous structures or unauthorised works
  • issue and serve a notice

What is the basis for us to process your data?

The basis for processing the data is our legal obligation under acts and supporting legislation including:

We will require your consent to hold your contact details for the purposes of regular communications and updates

Who we will share your information with

Building Control data can be viewed in the Council’s Self Service area for the purpose of allowing the public to check that works have the right approval and giving access to personal search companies to complete searches.  The data available is restricted to reference number, location, works and decision.  No drawings and plans are publicly available.

Where consultation is required on Building Control applications we will share only plans and calculations with Anglian Water, Environment Agency, Fire Authority and structural engineers.

Building Control information may be shared with our Planning Team in relation to enforcement matters.

Where a demolition notice is served, legislation requires us to provide a copy of the notice (including name and address details) to the owner and occupier of any adjacent building and, depending on the requirements, to statutory undertakers and the fire and rescue authority.

Application details may be shared with central government bodies (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)) and Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to ensure public safety is maintained.

Consultation is carried out on all street naming and numbering applications, where the layout plan provided is shared.  Consultees include, but are not limited to, the emergency services, interested parties, statutory bodies and statutory undertakers.

Health data collected for the purposes of fee exemptions will not be made public.

Local Land Charges reveal land/property data in searches and requests, which can be made by anybody.  Any personal data held (as a supporting document to the register) is not shared or made publicly available.

Failure to provide data

  • Failure to provide an applicant name will mean we are unable to process the application

How long do we keep your records?

The registers containing Building Control and Local Land Charges information do not have an expiry date.

All applications, enquiries, requests and complaints (except service complaints) are entered onto our “back office system”.  As a result of this we will always have any details you have supplied to us stored electronically.  Only Kettering Borough Council employees with system permissions can access the data

Service complaints - We keep personal information contained in complaint files in line with our retention policy. The information will be retained in a secure environment and access to it will be restricted to staff that need to know details of your case.

Special categories of data to determine fee exemption will only be held until the exemption is confirmed and then securely disposed of.

For further information

For details regarding your rights under Data Protection law or how to make a complaint if you think we have mishandled your personal information, please visit: