Online Payments

Select the service you are interested in paying for:

You may make a variety of payments using this secure site with most major credit or debit cards. You will need your reference or invoice number and credit/debit card to hand to complete the transaction. Please do not send credit or debit card details in an email as this is not secure.

Can I check my balance?

Yes, you can check balances via our Online Balance Enquiry page

Are my details safe?

Yes. The Council uses the facilities of a leading e-Commerce company, WorldPay, to process your credit/debit card transaction securely. All communication between you and WorldPay is encrypted and can only be interpreted by WorldPay. The Council does not have access to, or store your cards details.

The Council will use the information you provide for the sole purpose of administering your account(s) with the Council. No information will be released to any other organisation.

If you are in a public place we strongly advise you make sure you are not overlooked as you enter your details to prevent them being misused by somebody else.

How do I make a payment?

  1. Select the type of payment you want to make from the above list.
  2. Enter the reference number and the amount you want to pay. Then click on the "Continue" button.
  3. You will be asked to confirm your email address if you wish to receive an email receipt.
  4. Check to confirm the details of the payment you wish to make are correct. If the details are correct click on “make a payment”.
  5. You will now be asked to add your payment details and address. Once you have done this click “confirm” and then click “Make Payment”.
  6. Your payment information will be transferred to WorldPay for authorisation. Do not close the browser until you receive a confirmation page.
  7. Once your payment has been successfully received, you will be issued with a payment receipt if you requested one.

Which types of cards can I use?

The following types are accepted:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Delta
  • Switch / Maestro

Will I receive a receipt?

If you wish to receive an email from us you need to confirm which email address you want it sent to on the Your Order page. This email address can be different from your registered user address.

General information

We are always trying to improve our Online Payments service, if you have any comments or suggestions we would be very happy to receive them, e-mail: