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Planning enforcement action taken at Birchfield Springs

Published: Thursday, 11th March 2021

Kettering Borough Council have taken planning enforcement action against Lyndon Thomas (Ltd), to stop ongoing breaches of planning control at the Birchfield Springs site in Desborough.

The Council served an enforcement notice on the site on 1 May 2020, seeking that all breaches of planning control cease under the reference ENFO/2016/00136. For further information please refer to the KBC website to read the enforcement notice quoting the reference number.

The landowner has separately made a claim for Judicial Review of the Council’s decision to issue the enforcement notice to the High Court and the Council have now received a Court date for the 8th May 2021 for this to be heard.

Currently, the landowner has appealed the enforcement notice to the Secretary of State. This appeal is to be determined by way of a public inquiry. The Planning Inspectorate has at this time held in abeyance the dates until the above legal matters have been determined.

If you wish to submit a representation to support or object the Appellants appeal, then please refer to the Town Council, Desborough to view a copy of the Appeal Statement and information on how to provide your comments before 23rd March 2021.

Environment (Waste) complaints: The Planning Department has received many complaints regarding concerns about the operation, a number of which are outside the Council’s remit. If anyone has a concern about the site’s waste licence, or if anyone has recently or are currently witnessing the tipping of waste or the use of tipper lorries to and from the Birchfield Spring site, then they can contact the Environment Agency’s 24 hour incident hotline as it occurs:

T: 0800 807060

Any ongoing planning related queries should be made via the Council’s  website forms.

Notes to Editor

This is an update to the original press release that can be found here - https://www.kettering.gov.uk/planx_downloads/ENFO.2016.00136.PressRelease.20082020.pdf