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Recycling is getting easier in the Borough of Kettering

Published: Thursday, 20th August 2020

From 7th September, we are making changes to your recycling services so that all recyclable waste can be placed in the blue bin. Residents won't need to use their red box to separate out paper.

The change is happening to standardise the service across Corby and Kettering Shared Street Scene Service. This will also bring the service in line with the other councils in North Northamptonshire prior to the new Unitary Authority being established next year.

Please note that all recyclable goods will still be recycled as normal and there will be no change in the items that are usually disposed of in the blue bins. For more information on bins, recycling and other waste services, click here.

A bin tag will be placed on the blue bins over the next two weeks to advise residents of the change to the service.

What to do with your red recycle bins:

  • Red Boxes: We will not be collecting old red boxes, instead we are encouraging residents to reuse their boxes or give them to a friend or neighbour who might wish to use them for other purposes. Visit: www.kettering.gov.uk/bluebin for more ideas on how you can repurpose the boxes.
  • Red Wheelie Bin: Residents who have red wheelie bins can continue to use them for mixed recycling to provide additional capacity for your blue bin.

Residents will be able to request an additional blue recycling bin for FREE if they feel they won’t have enough room for all their recycling when the change takes place on Monday, 7th September. You can do this by visiting our website www.kettering.gov.uk/recycling or by contacting the Customer Service team on: 01536 410333.

Brendan Coleman, Head of Environmental Care at Kettering Borough Council, said: “We are fully equipped to be able to combine the blue and red bin recyclables, and residents do not need to worry about anything not being recycled as a result of this change. Our bin crews will be adding tags to the blue bins to alert residents of the change over the next couple of weeks.”

Cllr Ian Jelley, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “We are delighted to be able to make recycling easier for residents in Kettering. We will be encouraging residents to repurpose their red boxes as this is both environmentally friendly and resourceful, as they can be used in a variety of ways, such as for extra storage.”