Running start for Beat the Street in Kettering!

Published: Tuesday, 1st October 2019

Beat the Street – the new walking and cycling initiative in Kettering – has got off to a running start with 5269 residents already signed up in just one week!

Since it kicked off last Wednesday, local residents have walked, ran and cycled 11,000 miles together as part of the competition. Beat the Street aims to increase walking and cycling in Kettering by turning the town into a giant game.

Beat the Street players tap cards or fobs against sensors hidden around their area to earn points by travelling on foot or by bicycle. All points earned go towards to their chosen school, workplace or charity with the top teams receiving hundreds of pounds worth of prizes.

After one week, the teams leading the way are Brambleside Primary School on the total points leaderboard and Democracy in Motion on the average points leaderboard. However, with five weeks left to go it is still all to play for.

It is not too late for businesses, workplaces or members of the public to join in the game – cards are still available at distribution points across Kettering while stocks still last. Residents are also able to enter their own teams into the competition by emailing

Speaking about the reaction to the game, Councillor Scott Edwards, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community and Leisure, said:

“It’s amazing to see so many people in Kettering out walking and cycling together as part of Beat the Street."

Shirley Plenderleith, Head of Public Services at Kettering Borough Council, said:

“We have already seen a tremendous number of players start playing in just one week so it has clearly taken over the town. Over the next five weeks, stay tuned as there will be lots of events, opportunities to score bonus prizes and extra prizes to be won.”

Hannah Smith, local co-ordinator for Beat the Street Kettering, said:

“The aim of Beat the Street is to encourage communities to get moving and to become more active. We've had a brilliant response so far and are delighted with the way the people of Kettering have embraced it so enthusiastically.

“On a less positive note we have received a couple of reports of people driving between Beat Boxes which is a complete waste of time and frustrating for everyone playing the game properly. Although this is only a tiny minority of all the people playing, we’d ask everybody to keep to the spirit of the competition and not use their cars. Anybody found to be cheating will have the points wiped from their cards.”

To find out more about the game and to see how teams are faring in the six-week challenge, visit