Tainted Love: Film nights at The Alfred East Art Gallery

Published: Wednesday, 4th September 2019

Cinema has often focussed on love and romance, but there is a lot more to offer than bunches of flowers and living happily ever after.

The Alfred East Art Gallery proudly presents a curated season of films exploring relationships that differ from the Hollywood norm…unconventional stories of obsession, lust, and desire.

VERTIGO - Friday 27th September, 7pm 

“Here I was born, and there I died. It was only a moment for you; you took no notice.”

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece from 1958 stars James Stewart at the height of his powers in a compelling thriller shot in beautiful technicolour. Tormented by personal demons, Stewart becomes obsessed with a woman and embarks on a damaging, controlling relationship.

As much about male aggression and masculinity, as it is about Hitchcock himself and the relationship with his own actors, Vertigo is often referred to as the greatest film ever made.

BLUE VELVET - Friday 25th October, 7pm 

“In dreams, I walk with you. In dreams, I talk to you.”

The pristine white picket fences of American suburbia hide a seedy underbelly in the 1986 classic of arthouse cinema by David Lynch. Torn between a passionate and disturbed woman and the affections of the girl-next-door, this coming-of-age mystery is told with the eerie dreamlike surrealism that would become Lynch’s trademark.

Exploring destructive and abusive relationships and heavily influenced by 50s era film noir, Blue Velvet is often seen as a comment on the wholesome American way of life and became leading contender for the film of the decade.

HAROLD AND MAUDE - Friday 29th November, 7pm

“A lot of people enjoy being dead. But they’re not dead, really. They’re just backing away from life”

A romantic comedy like no other. Harold is young, suicidal, and likes to attend the funerals of strangers. Maude is 79, carefree, and enjoys stealing cars and playing the banjo. Together, they form one of the most unforgettable relationships in cinema.

Uplifting, rebellious, and featuring the iconic music of Cat Stevens, Harold and Maude rode the new wave of American cinema in the 1970s, brushing aside the old studio system as an explosion of young creative talent came to the fore.

Tickets: £10, or £8.50 for Kettering Leisure Pass holders and Students.

Refreshments included.

Limited spaces, booking is essential.

To book please contact the gallery on 01536 534274 or email: museumandgallery@kettering.gov.uk