Isebrook students visit Kettering Borough Council for careers advice

Published: Wednesday, 26th June 2019

Isebrook SEN Cognition and Learning College were given an opportunity to visit the Kettering Borough Council offices on Tuesday, 25th June as part of the community inclusion and employment curriculum.

Kettering Borough Council has been delivering lesson plans to the Sixth Form students as part of the independent living curriculum within the school. The lessons include household budgeting, shopping, recipes, the importance of paying everyday household bills and benefits (DWP and housing/council tax support).

The Sixth Form students were given a tour around the council chamber and were also given the opportunity to meet the Leader of the Council and the Mayor of Kettering. 

During the visit Kettering Borough Council apprentices presented and discussed their career paths into the council and what their job role entails. There was also a chance to discuss careers in planning, customer service, housing, decorating, admin and a general life and route as an apprentice. A careers fair was also available where parents were welcome to attend in the afternoon.

Cllr Russell Roberts, Leader of Kettering Borough Council says:

“It was great to meet the students and get an insight into their career aspirations. We’re proud to help with their career choices in any way we can. It was also useful to talk about the work Kettering Borough Council does for the community and how important it is for them to engage positively.”

Julie Trahern, Head of Customer Services says:

“It’s been a real joy for our team to deliver lesson plans to the students for the last two years. This support will give the students a really good start when they come to live independently. We hope to continue to provide this support for as long as is needed.”

Cllr Keli Watts, Mayor of the Borough of Kettering says:

“I really enjoyed meeting the students from Isebrook College today and to see the many options available to them for their future career. It’s great to see so many career opportunities in and around Kettering Borough for young people.”