British New Wave at the Alfred East Art Gallery

Published: Monday, 18th February 2019

The Alfred East Art Gallery proudly presents a curated season of films highlighting the best of British New Wave


In 1960s cinema, a new movement gave working class people a voice in British film for the first time. As the drab post-war years gave way to "angry young men" and the Swinging Sixties.


Friday 29th March, 7pm 

"Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not."

The late great Albert Finney stars in his breakthrough film. A factory worker who lives for the weekend, Finney gives an intense performance as the quintessential "Angry Young Man"; drinking contests, affairs with married women, and a venomous disdain for authority. British cinema would never be the same again.

Written by Alan Sillitoe, with beautiful documentary-style cinematography by Freddie Francis, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning portrayed the blistering realism of working class life that had rarely been seen before.



Friday 26th April, 7pm 

"Running has always been a big thing in our family...especially running away from the police"

Tom Courtenay, fresh from the success of Billy Liar, stars in Alan Sillitoe's damning portrayal of borstal and the British class system. Refusing to follow in his father's footsteps and spend his life on the factory line, Courtenay's petty crime sees him sent to a young offender's institution, where his talent as an athlete draws attention from the Governor. Will he compete as entertainment for his elitist elders, or run his own race?



Friday 24th May, 7pm 

"Seduce me..."

The black and white anger of The North gives way to the vivid colours of London's Swinging Sixties. Suzy Kendall, bored with her privileged life, sets out to see how the other half live; factory work, drunken pub singalongs, and getting lifts on a boy's scooter.

By the end of the decade, the huge cultural shift in Britain saw music, fashion, and attitudes to sex change significantly, and Up the Junction shone a light on the British class system from the female perspective.


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