Desborough resident jailed for failing to pay Council Tax

Published: Monday, 23rd July 2018

At Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 13th July Mrs Victoria Ndoro was sentenced to 90 days imprisonment for failing to pay Council Tax to Kettering Borough Council.

The warrant covered a debt of £8,063.41 accrued over a 10 year period.

At a previous committal hearing Mrs Ndoro, of Nightingale Drive in Desborough, was ordered to make monthly payments towards her outstanding Council Tax arrears, but only one payment was ever made. After spending a significant period of time abroad, she was re-called to court on returning to the UK, but she twice failed to attend court to explain her continued non-payment. A warrant without bail was subsequently issued by the court, and Mrs Ndoro was arrested and brought to the hearing on Friday.

The company director was represented by the duty solicitor and, following a means enquiry and questioning by the Magistrates, she was found guilty of culpable neglect and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

The Council urges anyone who is struggling to pay their Council Tax to contact them at the earliest opportunity on 01536 534 235, before further action is taken and additional costs are incurred. Alternatively, free and independent advice can be obtained from Citizens Advice based at the Council Offices in Bowling Green Road. Call 01536 482 281 to book an appointment.

Julie Trahern, Head of Customer Services at Kettering Borough Council, said:

“The Council owes it to the majority of residents who pay their Council Tax on time to take recovery action against the minority who do not. Although a committal proceeding is a legal remedy available to councils, Kettering Borough Council only uses it as a last resort when all other available avenues have been exhausted. If any customers are struggling to pay their Council Tax, please contact us as soon as possible to see the many ways in which we are able to help.”