Bag & Tag your unwanted textiles

Published: Monday, 4th June 2018

Kettering Borough confirms next round of textile collections

Kettering Borough Council has confirmed the next round of clothing and textile collections will take place in the coming weeks. Residents will have a bag and a tag attached to their blue bin with instructions on what should be placed inside the bag. The bag should then be placed next to residents blue bins on their next recycling collection day (two weeks later).          

The council carried out a waste analysis in 2016 and found that a large amount of clothing and textiles were being put into residents black and blue bins. All of this could have been donated to charity shops or recycled at local bring banks; instead it was put into residents’ bins at home and ended up at landfill. This led to the introduction of the Council’s twice yearly clothing and textile collection service, which successfully diverted 40 tonnes of textiles from landfill on its first two rounds.

The textiles collected in this next round of collections in June/July will be sent to a reputable reprocessing company where they will be sorted. The good quality textiles will then be sent for reuse and the other materials will be shredded and used as stuffing or industrial wipes.

Find out more about the new Clothes and Textile Recycling Service, including what can be recycled, at

Brendan Coleman, Head of Environmental Care at Kettering Borough Council, said:

 “The first rounds of textile collections were a great success so let’s try and make this one even better. Please continue to donate to charity shops or your local textile banks as normal. It’s those textiles that end up in the black bin that we want to collect, to stop costing the Kettering taxpayer thousands of pounds in disposal fees”.

Cllr Ian Jelley, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, said:

“Please support us in making sure that unwanted clothing and textiles are reused, instead of ending up in black bins and sent to landfill. Look out for the bag and tag on your blue bins!”