Kettering Borough Council prosecutes local landlord

Published: Tuesday, 24th April 2018

Kettering Borough Council has prosecuted a local landlord for failing to adhere to an Improvement Notice served by Council Officers.

Kettering Borough Council’s Private Sector Housing Team acting on a complaint received from a tenant of a property in Kettering owned by Mrs Zoe Tuffen-Roberts, visited the address and identified a number of hazards which were considered to be a risk to the occupiers. Officers from the Council contacted Tuffen-Roberts with a schedule of works and requested that the identified problems be remedied to ensure that the property was safe for the occupiers’ continued occupation. Tuffen-Roberts failed to complete the works requested by the Officers and a formal Improvement Notice was served.  This Notice placed a requirement on Tuffen-Roberts to complete the works within a specified time limit.

The Council Officers returned to the address following the expiry of the Notice and the works had not been completed.  Due to the risk presented to the tenant and the breach of the Improvement Notice served under the Housing Act 2004, the Council took the decision to prosecute Tuffen-Roberts. The case was heard at Northampton Magistrates Court on Tuesday 17th April 2018 where Tuffen-Roberts pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the Improvement Notice. The Magistrates ordered Tuffen-Roberts to pay a fine of £7000 + costs and a victim surcharge.

Councillor Mark Rowley, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Housing, said:

“Kettering Borough Council is committed to improving conditions within the private rented sector and will use all its statutory powers to ensure that landlords fulfil their obligations.”  

John Conway, Head of Housing at Kettering Borough Council, said:

“Our strategy is, firstly, to work informally with landlords to remedy problems. Where this is unsuccessful, the Council does not hesitate to use its powers to ensure the safety of those living in unsafe conditions in the private rented sector.”