Eskdaill Street is going to be made two-way for traffic

Published: Thursday, 22nd February 2018

We want to hear your views...

Kettering Borough Council is working closely with Northamptonshire Highways to make Eskdaill Street in Kettering two-way for traffic in 2018. Works will be carried out by Northamptonshire Highways and are planned to start in the summer of this year and will take several weeks to complete.

We are working together to ensure that local residents and businesses are aware of the works and to help understand any concerns people may have.

We have produced the this leaflet to help explain the works that are planned and to let you know how you can comment on the plans.

One area that will undergo quite significant changes to the road layout is the junction of Eskdaill Street and Rockingham Road. In order to accommodate the new road layout, it will be necessary to remove some of the trees immediately adjacent to this junction, between Eskdaill Street and Lindsay Street, as indicated on the leaflet. The tree works will be taking place very soon to avoid the bird nesting season and some new trees will be planted once works have been completed.

We will provide further information about the planed works in the coming weeks. Please take the time to read this leaflet and let us know your views on the four questions contained within it. If you require the leaflet in large print, please contact to request a copy.