Kettering's Martyn Lund helps produce a National Journalists' Guide to Fair Reporting of Social Housing

Published: Tuesday, 10th October 2017

An important guide to help reduce the negative stigma surrounding social housing.

Kettering Borough Council’s dedicated tenant committee member of the Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH), Martyn Lund, has helped produce the Fair Press for Tenants guide that helps journalists report social housing fairly.

Martyn formed part of the editorial team and over 400 social housing tenants took the time to contribute to this guide. It reveals a series of facts and explores the history of social housing, with real life stories from tenants, who explain how they feel they are currently represented in the media.

Martyn Lund, Representative of the ARCH Tenants Group and Producer of the Fair Press for Tenants Guide, said: “Tenants often get a bad name, and slowly it’s getting worse. It is important to talk to tenants to reduce the negative stereotypes that surround social housing. This guide helps to make people understand the real statistics.”

Notes to Editor

Fair Press for Tenants

The Fair Press for Tenants is a guide to reporting social housing and was produced by people living in social housing to help journalists and other media workers report fairly and reduce negative stereotypes.

The guide was launched as part of the Benefit to Society Campaign, which is supported by ARCH.