Little Ambassadors encourage school values

Published: Monday, 31st July 2017

Primary School students ask Council staff and councillors what their school values mean to them

Students from the Little Ambassadors Project at St Andrew’s Primary School took a trip to Kettering Borough Council to ask staff and councillors what their school values meant to them. 

The values of Compassion, Resilience, Excellence, Wisdom, Aspiration, Hope and more were put to the interviewees as a way to promote positive thinking and allow the Little Ambassadors to practice good citizenship.  

The Little Ambassadors often take part in community-based projects that empowers them to constructively influence governors, councillors and community members and make changes to their local area.

Inspiring Neighbourhoods CIC developed and delivered the Little Ambassadors Project as a way to work with local schools to help them achieve their ambitions and visions for their neighbourhood. They aim to benefit the wider community and create opportunities for young individuals to influence the environment that they live in.

Ben Arnell, Head Teacher at St Andrews Primary School, said: 
“We’ve been delighted to work with Inspiring Neighbourhoods CIC and Kettering Borough Council over the last three years. We are passionate about being a force of good in our community and through these great partnerships we hope we’ve been able to do this. Our school values are of great importance to us as they will hopefully enable children to live happy and fulfilled lives whilst being a responsible and caring member of their community, so it was great to hear how local people of Kettering thought about them!”

Brenda Easton, Director of Inspiring Neighbourhoods and Facilitator of Little Ambassadors, said: 
“The Little Ambassadors Project has been a great collaboration between Inspiring Neighbourhoods, St Andrews School and Kettering Borough Council and has given the children the opportunity to take part in a fun and creative project.”

Guy Holloway, Head of Corporate & Cultural Services at Kettering Borough Council, said: 
“It is very important to promote positive thinking and the Little Ambassadors Project is a fantastic way to encourage children to contribute to their community in a productive and exciting way.”

Councillor Jan Smith at Kettering Borough Council, said:
“Our children taking part in Little Ambassadors were inspirational in discussing their school values with a plethora of adults. It was gratifying to see their values being shared, understood and carried out in their daily lives. If our young people are able to abide by and engender support for these values, then it will hold them in good stead for a successful, balanced future.”