Record Fine for Noisy Neighbour

Published: Wednesday, 24th May 2017

Resident ordered to pay £7,500 after noise and anti-social behaviour affected five other households.

Kettering Borough Council has successfully prosecuted a resident for breaching a Noise Abatement Notice and a Community Protection Notice within the Borough following a court hearing last week. The resident has been ordered to pay £7,500 after noise and anti-social behaviour at the property affected five other households.

Rebeka Nakate had been served with the Notices in September 2016 requiring her to take steps to reduce the impact of noise from parties at her property. Council officers witnessed six breaches of the Notices and seized the noise making equipment from the property in November 2016. Complaints continued and the case was taken to court by the Council at the hearing held in Wellingborough on 16th May 2017.

The Court granted a Forfeiture Order allowing the Council to keep and destroy the equipment seized from the property. It also granted a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), limiting the number of visitors Ms Nakate can have at the property overnight and requiring her and her visitors stop causing a nuisance to her neighbours. The Order also requires her to control pet rabbits which have been left to roam in neighbours gardens; if breached, the offender can go to jail for up to 5 years. 

This is the twelfth Criminal Behaviour Order issued following action taken from Kettering Borough Council since new anti-social behaviour powers were introduced in 2014.

Shirley Plenderleith, Kettering Borough Council’s Head of Public Services, said: - 
“This is a great result to publicise in Noise Action Week: it emphasises the seriousness of selfish behaviour and the fact that Noise and Anti-social behaviour can have a big impact on all of us. The Council and its partners will use our legal powers to minimise this impact. “