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Two upcoming exhibitions at the Alfred East Gallery

Published: Friday, 17th February 2017

Heritage by Facets Textile Art Group and Echoes of the Past by Cousin Frank Studios

Heritage by Facets Textile Art Group 

The Facets Textile Art Group is pleased to showcase their latest exhibition taking place at the Alfred East Gallery.

Taking the locally significant Boughton House as their starting inspiration, the exhibition consists of diverse imagery and techniques that help to convey the beauty and importance of heritage. The images, featuring both the representational to more abstract pieces, are personal and based upon individual’s memories or experiences. 

Although most of the pieces are representations of the house and estate of Boughton, other works are included that are based on other locations.

This exhibition will run from 25 February until 8 April with the preview taking place on 25 February from 2pm-4pm - free entry.

Echoes of the Past by Cousin Frank Studios 

Cousin Frank Studios presents an intriguing exhibition of photography at the Alfred East Gallery:

“Photographs show a captured moment now gone, a memory faded and a life lost. They represent a trace, a fragment, a small slice of life that we will never fully know. They are witness that an event happened, something passed in front of a camera for a split second leaving but a faint trace of their passage. They are a reminder of absence and memory”.

This exhibition will run from 25 February until 8 April and entry is free.

Guy Holloway, Head of Corporate & Cultural Services at Kettering Borough Council, said:

“We’re delighted to have two new exhibitions at the Alfred East Art Gallery, with a stunning collection of artwork on show, all available to view for free”.

Cllr Jan Smith, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community & Culture, said:

“Please come along to the Alfred East Art Gallery and enjoy the diversely engaging and thought-provoking works that these two exhibitions have to offer throughout the next few months.”