A Tribute to Agatha Christie

Published: Friday, 7th October 2016

An exhibition of her life and characters at the Manor House Museum

1st October 2016 - 7th January 2017

This autumn, visit the Manor House Museum to celebrate the life and history of Agatha Christie; author of many novels including murder mysteries, and creator of world-famous detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

Join us on a trip down the Nile, journey on the Orient Express, and a take a peek into Agatha's study. Avid fan and collector, Gale Goddard, brings her unique collection of Agatha Christie related objects to the Manor House Museum. This stunning exhibition will appeal to die-hard fans as well as anyone who has ever seen or read an Agatha Christie story. 

Gale herself will be presenting a unique and lively talk about Agatha on Wednesday 19th October, from 7.30 pm, at the Alfred East Art Gallery. Tickets cost £3 per person, free to the Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum. The museum exhibition will also be open from 5pm-7pm, so you can prepare yourself for the fun evening ahead! 

There will be an Agatha Christie quiz in the exhibition, which visitors can complete and enter a prize draw. The winner will enjoy a vintage afternoon tea for two at the Blitz Tea Room and Jazz Lounge.

Guy Holloway, Head of Corporate & Cultural Services at Kettering Borough Council, said: "Many people know Agatha Christie’s novels but they don't realize the length and depth of her whole life. This exhibition truly celebrates the popular novelist’s legacy and is another example of the variety on display at the Manor House Museum."

Cllr Jan Smith, Kettering Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community & Culture, said: “Dame Agatha Christie was a fascinating character, whose work was shaped by her life and times and whose enduring impact reaches much further than her writings. I would encourage everyone to make sure they visit the Manor House Museum’s exhibition, take part in the quiz and hear Gale’s inspiring talk on 19th October.”