Blue is the new black!

Published: Thursday, 31st March 2016

Kettering Borough launches twice-yearly clothing recycling service

Kettering Borough Council is introducing a new clothing and textile recycling scheme which aims to reduce the hundreds of tonnes of clothes and textiles being sent for disposal in Kettering Borough each year.

The service will take place twice a year with the first collections during April and May. To use the scheme, look out for a yellow tag and a clear bag attached to your blue recycling bin. Then, simply pop your old and worn clothes and textiles into your bag and tie it securely. On your next recycling day place the bag next to your blue bin and a separate vehicle will collect your bags.

The textiles collected will be sent to a reputable reprocessing company where they will be sorted. The good quality textiles will then be sent for reuse and the other materials will be shredded and used as stuffing or industrial wipes.

Find out more about the new Clothes and Textile Recycling Service, including what can be recycled, at

Brendan Coleman, Head of Environmental Care at Kettering Borough Council, said: 
“Kettering Borough Council recognises many unwanted clothes and textiles are reused and recycled by charity organisations and we strongly urge you to continue to donate to charity shops or your local textile banks, as normal. We’re simply asking residents to help us collect the hundreds of tonnes of textiles that are currently ending up in the black bin, costing the Kettering taxpayer thousands of pounds in disposal fees. This new service is aimed at capturing these materials and saving money.”