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What Exhibitions are on at the Museum?


Witch Hunt

27th January - 4th June

The infamous witch from folklore both frightens and fascinates us, yet behind this image lies a story of paranoia and persecution. This exhibition looks at some of the political and social views which led up to several hundred witch trials between 1500 and 1800 and their devastating results.


Morning Campers! The British Holiday Camp

9th June - 8th September

Did you know the first Holiday Camp appeared in 1894 on the Isle of Man? With the arrival of Billy Butlin in the 1930's, holiday camps were beloved by generations and dominated the British holiday scene in the 1950's and 1960's.

Find out what was in store for intrepid holiday goers of the past and celebrate our own local 'holiday at home' destination, Wicksteed Park, in this light-hearted exhibition for all the family.

Close up of old car and number plate

Find out what makes Kettering unique!


Covering the history of the borough, the Museum’s permanent displays are packed with fascinating objects and information. Topics include the Boot and Shoe Industry, agriculture, archaeology and prehistoric fossils