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Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance is effectively the maximum limit of how much Housing Benefit can be paid to people living in private rented sector accommodation (with a few exceptions).  DirectGov provides an LHA Bedroom Calculator

Housing Benefit falling under the LHA scheme is usually paid direct to the tenant.  To pay a landlord direct, 'vulnerability' or the tenant being unable/unlikely  to pay must be proved first. 

At the rent service website you can search to see which area your home falls into, calculate what level of LHA you are entitled to and see the current rates of LHA.   If you already know which area your home falls into, see our rates effective from 1st April 2018:

Northants Central: Leicester & Surrounds:
  • Shared Accommodation Rate £53.81
  • 1 Bed self Contained £84.87
  • 2 Bedrooms £109.12
  • 3 Bedrooms £127.29
  • 4 Bedrooms £164.79


  • Shared Accommodation Rate £61.38
  • 1 Bed Self Contained £86.30
  • 2 Bedrooms £109.32
  • 3 Bedrooms £126.58
  • 4 Bedrooms £163.16