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Tenancy Training


Kettering Borough Council has a LifePlan service open to our Council's housing customers.

There are many employment, training, and support services in Kettering.  It can often be confusing knowing where to find these services and how to access them.  The role of LifePlan is to link you to these services and to support you through the process.

LifePlan can help you if you...

  • would like to volunteer
  • would like gain an apprenticeship
  • would like support to access employment opportunities
  • need to update your CV
  • are a lone parent on benefits and would like to find a part-time job or do some training
  • would like to access education

LifePlan is here to meet your needs regarding education training, employment and volunteering opportunities.

LifePlan is a free and friendly service for Kettering Borough Council's housing customers that offers one to one support, guidance and opportunities to achieve goals that are set by you.

Apply to join our LifePlan training

Alternatively, you can contact the LifePlan Advisor by email leonereed@kettering.gov.uk or phone 01536 534319.