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Coronavirus and Council Tax Support

Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) Government grant related to COVID-19

In light of the current situation with the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government has granted additional funding for working age customers in receipt of LCTS.

Due to this Government grant, you are entitled to a £150.00 payment which will automatically be allocated to your Council Tax bill to reduce your outstanding balance for 2020/21 if you are in receipt of LCTS and are of working age.

Please note, this will be credited directly to the Council Tax account to reduce the outstanding demand - it will not be transferred to a bank account as a monetary amount.  Please be aware of phishing scams trying to get your bank details.


1. When will I get a revised bill?  You will receive a revised bill as soon as the Council can apply the credit, this may be some time in the current climate
2. I have just claimed LCTS for 2020/21 will, I get the £150.00 credit?  Yes, this will be applied to your bill as soon as is possible 
3. I have received a letter stating I will get £150.00 credit on my bill does this mean I will automatically receive the credit?  Yes this will be credited to your account in the majority of cases, if there is any reason for it not being credited, we will contact you and explain why
4. My neighbour has received their new bill, but I haven’t?  Cases will not be done in street or name-order so your neighbours, family or friends may receive their award before or after you
5. Will pensioners get this credit? No, the current scheme is protected for pensioners, if their income changes, they need to contact the Council with the change, and we will amend their award
6. Should I continue to pay my council tax until I get the credit?  Yes, if you can, the credit will not clear all of your outstanding balance
7. Will you start recovery action before the credit is applied?  No, we will hold recovery action until the credits have been applied
8. Recovery action has started on my account for 2020/21, but I think I should have got the credit?  Please contact the benefits service on benefits@kettering.gov.uk with details of your claim and we will look into it
9. I pay by direct debit will the direct debit be adjusted?  Yes it will but only after the credit has been applied
10. I am receiving LCTS and have the credit but am still struggling to pay, what do I do?  Please contact our social inclusion team on creditunion@kettering.gov.uk with your contact details and we will contact you
11. I am not entitled to LCTS and am struggling to pay, what do I do?  Please contact our revenues team on counciltax@kettering.gov.uk