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Council Tax and Benefits

£150.00 Council Tax Support credit to be allocated on 18th August

Customers who are in receipt, or have received Council tax support for 2020/21 will get the award credited to their account on 18th August.

Letters and revised bills will be sent out between 18th and 21st August.

If you believe you should have received this award, but have not received your letters by 31st August please contact us.

Any new claims put into payments after 18th August will automatically have the award calculated.

£150.00 credit to be allocated for those in receipt of Council Tax Support

In light of the current situation with the Coronavirus outbreak the Government have granted additional funding for working age customers in receipt of Local Council Tax Support.  The Council is awaiting a software upgrade from their suppliers to enable them to credit £150.00 to council tax accounts eligible and in receipt of council tax support.  No action is required by customers, credits will be allocated to accounts automatically when the new software is received and installed. 

Please note, this will be credited directly to the Council Tax account to reduce the outstanding demand - it will not be transferred to a bank account as a monetary amount.  Please be aware of phishing scams trying to get your bank details.


If your income has changed due to Coronavirus, you could be entitled to Council Tax Support and Universal Credit.

We offer a variety of forms including Apply for Council Tax Support, Change of Address, Change of Income and Change of Household Members.  During this time, please e-mail us evidence instead of making a visit.

Council Tax

You can visit the Connect Online Portal to access your Council Tax account and correspondence.  Need to let our Council Tax know about a change?  We offer a variety of online forms including moves, discounts and exemption.

Due to the current situation, any hearings due to take place at Northampton Magistrates Court will be postponed.