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Coronavirus - Our Services


All correspondence, applications and payments should now be made electronically.

Planning Applications

We continue to register and validate applications that are submitted via the portal or by post which have payment and the relevant documentation.

Applications are being consulted on, neighbours notified and site notices put up as we did before lockdown and as required by Planning legislation. Statutory consultees are being kept under review to ensure third party consultation responses can be processed and the consultation process can be maintained equitably.

Planning Committees are now being held “virtually”; anyone wishing to speak taking part via Zoom and those wishing to watch via Kettering Borough Council’s YouTube channel.

Where it is not possible for us to determine your application (including prior approval) within the prescribed time period, please work with Officers to agree extensions of time.

Applications to discharge pre-conditions are still being accepted and we are consulting with the normal agencies.  We will endeavour to determine these to permit development to commence lawfully.  In relation to undertaking sufficient work to amount to a lawful commencement , the developer is advised to undertake what work they can - e.g. digging a drainage trench or foundation trench - ensuring that this is in accordance with the approved plans - and taking photographic evidence and recording dates and measurements on a plan.  This evidence will be needed by officers to make a decision.

The Government is bringing in legislation changes which will extend the commencement time of applications which expire between lockdown (23 March 2020) and 31 December 2020.  As this legislative is yet to come into force please contact planning@kettering.gov.uk for further details if this applies to your application.

Site Visits

Site visits have to be on the basis of a risk assessment and may need to be deferred until later in the assessment than normal. Officers will progress their report and continue to liaise with you over any changes, etc, as far as they can.