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Coronavirus Covid-19 Advice

Wood Burners, Bonfires and Noise

While we’re all staying at home to save lives and protect the NHS, we’re asking residents to please consider the affects their activities maybe having on their neighbours during these difficult times.  We have seen a sharp rise in nuisance complaints recently, particularly around bonfires and loud music - please think of others and avoid making things worse.  It is in everyone’s best interest that we consider each other during this current situation.

Our Environmental Protection Team are continuing to investigate nuisance complaints during this time and will take necessary action to prevent the impact on others.

Wood Burners/Open Fires

We are asking residents to think of their own health and that of their neighbours and wider communities before using wood burning stoves and open fires. Smoke can pose a risk to people’s health, so avoiding fires will reduce the chance of people having their airways affected and avoid further burden on the NHS.

If you must light a fire indoors to heat your property then please only burn smokeless, approved fuels.


We’re asking if people could also support their neighbours by not lighting bonfires while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Bonfires that cause smoke are not illegal, but they must not cause a smoke nuisance to neighbouring residents.


Many residents are using their gardens for fresh air and exercise, and those with and without gardens are opening their windows to allow fresh air into their homes.  Please be mindful of your neighbours and keep noise, particularly music to an acceptable level.