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Emergency Planning in Northamptonshire

What plans do we maintain?

A prepared local authority plans for emergencies

All local authorities should have clear emergency response and business continuity plans that set out what services, both routine and critical, they will maintain in an emergency. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires Category 1 responders to maintain plans to ensure that they can continue to exercise their functions in the event of an emergency so far as is reasonably practicable. The duty relates to all functions, not just their emergency response functions, for preventing emergencies; reducing, controlling or mitigating the effects of emergencies in both the response and recovery phases; and taking other action in the event of emergencies. Procedures should also be put in place to ensure that the plan is reviewed periodically and kept up to date.
For further information please refer to Local authorities’ preparedness for civil emergencies: A good practice guide

Emergency Plan

The purpose of an emergency plan is to serve organisations engaged in response and recovery, within the locality at the time of an emergency. Its aim is to increase multi-agency and community resilience by ensuring that all those charged with tackling the emergency on behalf of the community:
Our generic Emergency Plan serves all three Partners in the North Northamptonshire Partnership (East Northamptonshire, Corby and Kettering Councils) and is written and serviced by the Safety and Resilience Team. The plan is intended to be most effective in the initial response by providing details of management structures and processes; as any incident progresses the ways in which continue to deliver our council services are dealt with in more detail through our Business Continuity Planning.