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Meadow Road Park Improvements

Consultation Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the initial consultation which ran until 31st January 2019. The results of the consultation questions were:

•       Do you agree that the existing play equipment should be replaced with both specific play equipment for ‘toddlers’ as well as more adventurous equipment for older children aged 6-13?

Yes – 92%

•       Do you agree with a proposed new fitness zone based on a fixed bar exercise rig combined with ‘outdoor gym’ type fitness machines?

Yes – 80%

•       Do you agree the park should include space for a communal area with seating where refreshments could be served?

Yes – 90%

•       Do you agree the park should have an impressive entrance with new footpaths to improve the different areas of the park?

Yes – 90%

•       What is your preferred name for the park

Meadow Road Park – 63%

Westfield Park and Gardens – 37%

We also received additional comments which will help shape the final design of the park. The questionnaire was one part of the consultation for the park. Other ways in which we consulted included;

  •          Information event in the Town Centre
  •          Targeted engagement with young adults  
  •          Survey with users of the fitness zones in other parks within the Borough

As we enter the procurement phase of the project we will be working with younger children to shape the types of equipment installed in the play areas. We will provide further information about the planned works and the design as the project progresses.