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Meadow Road Park Improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed improvements to Meadow Road Park - your questions answered.

Why are you looking to improve this park?

Meadow Road Park is currently underused, with no clear connection to the nearby town centre. The existing equipment is due for replacement and this offers an opportunity to create a destination park which is attractive and accessible to all ages. Well planned improvements to public spaces within Town Centres can boost footfall which supports businesses and compliments wider Town Centre Improvements. The scheme sits within wider town centre regeneration plans and the council believes the new park space will act as a significant draw to the town centre.

What improvements are you planning on making?

Presently, the space is divided into two disparate areas, Meadow Road public open space and Westfield Memorial Garden. The improvements would create a new more combined single park space which could include:

  - An extensive all new children's play area covering ages 0-13 which will be split into a toddler areas and junior play area

 - A fitness zone including outdoor gym equipment

 - A hard standing area for the opportunity for temporary concessions to sell refreshments

 - Extensive landscaping and planting

 - New pathways and built features

- New seating

 - Improved signage to the park in the Town Centre Entrance feature

 - Planting and improvements to the top of Meadow Road

 - Sports pitch for informal games

When will the works take place?

If funding is approved then work will start in early 2019 to remove the existing equipment and carry out initial enabling works. A final plan for the site will be agreed following the end of the consultation process which will go out to tender. Our ambition is to replay the children’s play equipment by the summer with further work on a fitness zone and landscaping to be completed by the end of 2019.

How will the improvements be funded?

The project will be funded by developer contributions made in relation to recent housing developments in Kettering. There may be scope to attract further external funding to support the fitness zone subject to a successful funding application.

What consultation will take place?

It is important we have the views of those who use and are affected by the park. We have planned an extensive consultation process which includes face to face surveys, letters to surrounding residents and businesses and engaging with representative groups, including local schools. We will also promote the consultation through social media. To let us know your views you can write to us at Communications, Kettering Borough Council, Bowling Green Road, Kettering, NN15 7QX.

What security / safety measures will be considered?

 The scheme will include a number of measures to ensure the park is secure and safe, which include:

 - Treatment to the periphery of the park to secure and prevent entry of unauthorised vehicles

 - Improved lighting

How are you planning on dealing with how the park often floods near Northfield Avenue?

This is be addressed as part of a later phase which will involve creating a feature of the Slade Brook corridor adjacent to Northfield Avenue by removing one side of the culvert to create more water flow channels and a new ditch into the park with stepped banking and natural vegetations. This will create new wildlife habitation and create space for children's play such as pond dipping, education and using the water as a feature in an area for quiet contemplation. This phase is subject to external funding for projects for green infrastructure improvements and, if successful, would be complete by March 2021.