Privacy Notice - Kettering Green Space Survey

Why we collect information about you

Kettering Borough Council (KBC) is collecting anonymised data in relation to this survey. This consists almost entirely of answers to multiple-choice questions, none of which contain personally identifiable data. A small number of questions provide free-text options for written answers. We ask participants not to use these fields to provide any personal information.

How will we use the information we hold about you?

The information you provide will be analysed to ensure that there is adequate provision of accessible, high quality green spaces that meet the needs and aspirations of local communities, local people and people who work in or visit the borough.  The overall results of the survey will be used to inform both the new Local Plan and also future investment decisions.

What is the basis for us to process your data?

We will only process your information with your consent.  You can choose not to participate in this survey.  By completing and/or returning the survey you are giving your consent for us to process and analyse the data you provide.

Who we will share your information with

The online survey is hosted by Snap Surveys, for details of their Privacy Statement, please visit their website:

The anonymous information you provide will be processed initially by Knight, Kavanagh and Page, who are conducting the survey on behalf of KBC.  The findings of the survey will be shared with the relevant officers of KBC.

How long do we keep your records?

Anonymised survey data will be kept for the purposes of analysing the data for an indeterminate amount of time (until we no longer need it).

For further information:

For details regarding your rights under Data Protection law or how to make a complaint if you think we have mishandled your personal information, please visit: