Gift Shops at the Museum and Art Gallery

Museum Gift Shop

The inside of the museum shop.

There's something for everyone at the Manor House Museum Shop. Visit us for an exciting and affordable range of unique gifts including:

  • A vast variety of greetings cards
  • Historical memorabilia
  • Nostalgic toys and games
  • Pocket money toys for children
  • Postcards of the local area
  • Seasonal items

Alfred East Art Gallery Gift Shop

Inside the gallery shop.The Alfred East Art Gallery sells items suitable for a selection of artistic tastes and preferences.
Among the items that are available:

  • Permanent collection prints
  • Temporary exhibition artworks
  • Permanent collection badges, magnets, post and greetings cards
  • Local artist and permanent collection books
  • A rotating monthly display in the Craft Showcase
  • Originals and high-quality prints in the KDAS Browser