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Visiting the Manor House Museum

Access Guide to the Manor House Museum


All public areas in the museum are fully accessible to wheelchair users. There is a lift on the ground floor to the first floor exhibition areas. This can be operated independently but if you require assistance using the lift please ask a member of our reception staff.


The entrance to the museum is flat. There are double doors which can be opened (please ask a member of staff for help) to accommodate wheelchairs.

There is flat access from the London Road Car park although there are cobbles on the last few meters just behind the Blitz café.

School groups do visit during the week so if you would like to plan a visit during a quieter time please call the museum.

We have museum leaflets available in Polish and German.

The museum reception is at the entrance and is staffed at all times when the museum is open. If you require any help or assistance during your visit please ask our reception staff and they will be happy to help.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome.


An adapted toilet is available on the ground floor which is fully accessible by wheelchair.

All toilets are located on the ground floor in the Tourist Information area.

Physical Access

All display areas on the ground are fully accessible and have flat floors.

The shop area and ground floor boot and shoe display have blue brick floor coverings. These are level although they are hard.

The 1st floor display areas are accessible via a staircase (with a central handrail) or via the lift. There is ramped access between our two temporary exhibition spaces.

Due to the historic nature of the building some of the floors on the 1st floor are slightly uneven although they are covered in carpet or vinyl floor covering.

An Evac chair is located on the 1st floor landing (near the lift) so in the event of a fire we can evacuate wheelchair users safely and quickly.


Seating is provided in the following areas:

  • Ground Floor: Tourist Information area: (x 2 chairs)
  • Town Life: Old Curiosity Shop (x1 small sofa)
  • William Knibb Bust (x 1 chair)
  • 2nd world war display (x1 chair)
  • Community Corner: (x 1 chair)
  • 1st Floor: Archaeology Room (x 5 chairs)
  • Forest Room (X 1 bench)
  • Temporary exhibition space (x 1 small sofa)

Please ask reception staff if you need additional seating.


Interpretation boards are mostly large text and have photographs or illustrations where applicable.

There are objects in glass cabinets, some of these may not be visible if the eye line is below 115 cm.

Some exhibitions may include background music and sounds.

Lighting in the galleries is generally bright and evenly lit with ceiling spot lights and strip lights. Some areas are more dimly lit to aid preservation of the exhibits.


There are no catering facilities on site but our reception staff can advise on nearby pubs, cafes and tearooms according you your preference.


There is a shop with an extensive range of souvenirs in the reception area.

The shop flooring is level.

Staff can offer assistance if required.

Additional Information

We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require it a member of staff will assist you with evacuation from the building.