Tenant Involvement

At Kettering, we want you to have a say on how we deliver our services, and how we can improve your neighbourhood.

Tenants and leaseholders have the right to information about how services are delivered as well as opportunities for involvement in decision making and shaping services.

It is important to us that you get involved and have your say in ways that suit you and with a time commitment that fits in with your life. You can spend as much or as little time as you want. You can 'dip in and out' as you want; we want you to decide how much time you can spare. You don't need any special skills or experience to get involved. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic and reliable as full training and support is provided. Some of our involvement opportunities only require a small time commitment, others may require several hours a week. It is up to you how much time you can offer.

Kettering Borough Council aims to ensure we provide a range of ways for you to participate effectively. It is your knowledge and experience of our services that is our most valuable tool in learning how we can improve. We want you to be able to provide this knowledge and experience without any barriers and participate in a way that suits you.

How To Get Involved

Getting involved doesn’t always mean attending endless boring meetings. It is up to you how much or how little you want to participate and how.

Kettering Borough Council want to offer a variety of ways to get involved and support those who wish to engage with access to support, expenses, personal development and training opportunities. We need people on board who want to work together to identify issues and solutions and who can help us to really ensure our services meet your needs and expectations.

Here are some ways for you to get involved;

  • Tenants’ Forum
    Tenants’ Forum meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6.30-8pm in the Council Chamber (except August) and is made up of tenants/leaseholders, council officers and local councillors. The Forum is a public meeting so anyone may attend and speak about local housing issues or a tenant representative may raise issues on your behalf. There is also an annual Housing Tour each July to see latest developments in housing such as visits to new build homes or major refurbishment projects.
    Download previous minutes here.
  • Tenants Overview and Scrutiny Panel (TOSP)
    Scrutiny has a 'watchdog' role, as it concentrates on improving the councils' performance by monitoring, questioning, observing and making recommendations on the way that housing services are provided, decisions taken and policies implemented. At the heart of the overview and scrutiny process is consideration of what impact services have on tenants of Kettering Borough Council.
    The TOSP is a formal group and membership is by application only. However those with an interest in TOSP may attend two meetings as an observer before deciding whether to apply. Meetings are held monthly, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month between 4.30-6pm in the council offices.
  • Estate Walkabouts
    Every quarter, Neighbourhood Managers and residents conduct Estate Walkabouts to inspect estates for an hour or two. Your input is vital in helping identify hot spot areas that are causing problems such as fly tipping, anti-social behaviour and other issues and then putting them right.
  • Environment Improvement Panel
    Help the council decide how to spend a small annual budget allocated for schemes which make improvements to the environment by taking part in an annual panel which looks at the bids received and agrees which ones to fund. The panel meet each May/June over a full day and again in October for a couple of hours.
  • Connect Editorial / Reading Panel
    The purpose of the Connect Editorial Panel is to put tenants' views into the design, development and production of the councils' newsletter. You can attend quarterly meetings to help agree and produce the content for Connect, or, if you prefer, receive other publications by post or email for comment.
  • Silver Service
    Residents living in our Sheltered Housing schemes can get involved in a number of ways. For example, via our busy Silver Service Forum, or a Social Organisers group which organises trips and activities in the schemes and our Silver Service Matters group which produces a regular newsletter.
  • Surveys, Customer Feedback and Focus Groups
    These are all a good way to get involved without any ongoing commitment. Our surveys are usually designed to be completed in 5 minutes or under so why not give your views and help us improve? Or you could help us collect others’ views. Or why not attend a 90 minute focus group on a particular topic and chat with others in a friendly, informal group of 5-10 participants?.
  • Estate Improvements
    Help us organise or take part in a community clean up event, community action day or litter pick in your area.

If none of the above particularly interest you, why not start your own activity? We can support you to form a local group, such as a Tenants and Residents Association for your area, for example or apply for funding to improve your area. 

Read more about options for getting involved.

You can contact the Tenant Engagement Officer  to register your interest. Or, download a Registration Form to print and send.