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Environment Improvement Panel

It is important to us that our tenants have enjoyment, pride and security in the area they live in. Sometimes a small change is all that is required to make an area better.

Every financial year, a budget of £10,000 is made available to spend on environmental improvements and our Environment Improvement Panel gets to decide how this money is spent.

The Process

Kettering Borough Council currently own approximately 3,800 homes and the management of these is split between 5 Neighbourhood Manager 'patches'.

Neighbourhood Managers carry out estate inspections every quarter and these may also be attended by tenants.  During these inspections, or via feedback from tenants living in the area, potential estate improvements are identified.  However, as there are 5 patches and the environmental improvements can be costly, each Neighbourhood Manager has to submit ‘bids’ to apply for a share of the £10,000.  The deadline for these bids is the end of May each year.

Once all bids are received a working group of staff and tenants meets and discusses each bid and, if necessary, site visits are carried out.  The tenant-led panel then decides which bids are approved for a share of the funds. The residents that live in the area of successful bids are consulted before and after work is carried out. The panel meet again in October for a couple of hours and reviews the completed works, final costings, resident feedback and any budget underspend.

Get Involved

If you would like to be a part of the Environment Working Group or to put forward a suggested improvement, contact our Tenant Engagement Officer on 01536 535649 or send an e-mail.