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Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Getting involved doesn’t always mean attending meetings - it is up to you how much or how little you want to participate and how.

We offer a variety of ways to get involved and support those who wish to engage with access to support, expenses, personal development and training opportunities.  We need people on board who want to work together to identify issues and solutions and who can help us to really ensure our services meet your needs and expectations.

Activity Expected time commitment

How to take part

Complete a survey and give your views 5 minutes Surveys are sent out by post or online
Attend an estate walkabout and tell us about issues in your area such as fly-tipping An hour or two every quarter Contact your Neighbourhood Manager for dates
Connect Editorial Panel - help us deisgn and edit content A few hours every quarter Contact our Tenant Engagement Officer on 01536 535649
Estate Improvements - take part in local activities to improve your area eg clean up days, litter picks, community action days A few hours to a full day on a one-off basis Contact our Tenant Engagement Officer to find out what's happening in yur area or give your suggestions
Silver Service - help us deliver fun activities, a newsletter and more in our Sheltered Schemes A few hours each month Speak to your Sheltered Scheme Manager
Tenant Overview and Scrutiny Panel (TOSP) - help scrutinise our performance and conduct service reviews You will be required to attend at least one meeting a month and you'll be assigned tasks to complete Attend 2 meetings to observe then formally apply. Meetings are held on the 4th Thurs of each month, 4-6pm (except August).
Tenants Forum - tenants, leaseholders and local councillors meet monthly to discuss local housing issues One meeting a month Just come along - meetings re held in Council Chamber every 2nd Thurs of each month, 6.30-8pm (except August)
Environment Improvement Panel- Help us decide how to spend £10K annually on estate improvements One full day in June-July and a few additional half days throughout the year Contact our Tenant Engagement Officer to join the panel
Tenant Representatives A couple of hours a month

Speak to your NM or our Tenant Engagement Officer

Why not start your own activity? We can support you to form a local group, such as a Tenants and Residents Association for your area, for example or apply for funding to improve your area.

Contact the Tenant Engagement Officer or print and send a Registration Form to register your interest.