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Ending a Council Tenancy

Death of a Sole Tenant

When a sole council tenant dies, the law says that the only people allowed to deal with the assets and possessions of the tenant are his or her executors or administrators (sometimes called ‘personal representatives’).

If the tenant has made a will, the executor or administrator will be named in it.  If the tenant did not make a will, any person or people wanting to clear the premises or remove any belongings must first make sure they have a right to do so.

There is no general right for any member of a tenant’s family, other relatives, friends, helpers or anyone else to enter the premises to move, disturb, sort out or dispose of any belongings.  By law, we must ask them to prove that they have the right to enter the premises.  We must make sure that the person or people we allow into the premises have the authority to be there and handle any belongings.

For more information on ending a sole tenancy after a bereavement, please contact your Neighbourhood Manager on 01536 410333.