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Ending a Council Tenancy

How to end your tenancy

You can end your tenancy by giving 4 weeks notice in writing, or downloading a Notice to Quit form and returning it to us.  The notice should finish on a Sunday.

If you are joint tenants with a fixed term tenancy (regardless of length) both of you must sign the notice form. The tenancy will not end with only one signature. If this happens we strongly advise you to get some legal advice.

You are responsible for leaving your home and garden in a clean and tidy condition.

You must let us have all the keys to your property, including any outbuildings, before noon on the Monday after the notice finishes. If you hand in the keys after this you will be liable for the rent and any other charges for that week.

Your Neighbourhood Manager will make an appointment to visit you and answer any questions you may have before your tenancy ends. They will give you advice on ending your tenancy and advise you of any repairs that are needed before you move out. If you have had previous permission to make an alteration in your home you may be asked to remove, replace or return as appropriate.

Ending your tenancy if you are joint tenants

If you are a secure or introductory joint tenant and sign a Notice to Quit the whole tenancy in both names will come to an end even if the other tenant did not sign the notice.

If you are the tenant who did not give notice, you do not have an automatic right to continue living in the property or be offered other accommodation. In all cases where we receive a Notice to Quit and a joint tenant wants to be considered for the sole tenancy of the property or another property, they must complete an application form for Keyways, our choice-based lettings scheme.

In these circumstances you must contact your Neighbourhood manager as soon as possible to discuss your housing needs.