Tenancy Support Services

What happens after I've contacted the Tenancy Support Service?

Once you have contacted the Tenancy Support Service you will be asked to complete a referral form outlining briefly the issues that you require support with. If you need any help completing the form you can call the Tenancy Support Worker who will assist you.

If you are referring someone to the service then you will be asked to provide any relevant information e.g. risk assessment.

Once the complete referral form has been received the Tenancy Support Worker will contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit.  During this initial visit it will be explained to you what the service can provide as well as discussing with you what your expectations of the service are.

The Tenancy Support Worker will then carry out a Needs & Risk Assessment with you  by having an in depth discussion about what you feel you need and/or want help with.  Once the Needs Assessment is complete an agreed support plan will then be put in place based on the needs and priorities identified by the tenant and the Tenancy Support Worker.

Please note that any information provided will be treated in a confidential and non-judgemental way. If any information needs to be passed onto any other agencies, the Tenancy Support Worker will talk to you first.

The Tenancy Support Service provides help & support to develop social and independent living skills to enable tenants to sustain their tenancy as well as to make positive changes to their life.

On-line Referral Forms