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Service Charges and other charges

As a tenant of the Council you may also pay a charge in addition to your rent for other services that we provide to you.  These include:

Service charges

A service charge is an additional payment towards the cost of providing and maintaining services and benefits that you enjoy outside your house or flat and you will only pay for the services you receive.

We make no profit from service charges. The amount of the charge is the amount it costs to provide the service.  Your annual rent review letter will show you how much this charge is, and because this charge it calculated on a block by block or scheme by scheme basis, this can go up or down. 

You will receive a breakdown of how this charge has been calculated each year and the services covered could include:

  • Employing a caretaker
  • Cleaning shared areas, including windows, and removing dumped rubbish
  • Cutting grass and looking after planted areas
  • Repairs to shared facilities such as door-entry systems, television aerials and lighting
  • Providing and repairing lifts, including the cost of contracts and life insurance
  • Providing fire fighting equipment, including repairing and testing emergency lighting and smoke alarms
  • Providing water, electricity and gas supplies to shared areas

Silver Service Charges

Silver Service is the intensive housing management support service we provide to our sheltered housing and personal alarm customers.

There are 2 levels of charges depending on the level of the support package in place.

For out more about Silver Service.