Your rights if repair work is not carried out

In most cases repair work will be carried out well within the maximum time limit for the category of repair.

It is only when work is NOT carried out within the specified time that you can consider using the following procedure. Your right to have work carried out yourself is confined to jobs costing less than £200.

a) You must first notify the council of your intention to have the work carried out yourself. The notification form is available from Housing Management.

b) The Council then has 21 days in which to either start the work or give you written notice that:

  • the repair has been commenced or completed
  • the Council has entered into a contract to have the work carried out
  • the repair has been delayed because of lack of access, unsuitable weather conditions or materials being unattainable
  • the cost of repair exceeds £200
  • the Council disputes a repair is its responsibility or that it is in fact necessary

c) If the Council has not started work within the 21 day period or if they have not written to you giving one of the reasons set out above, you are entitled to arrange for the work to be carried out by any of the contractors on the Approved List. Copies of this list are available from Housing Management and you should discuss your choice with a Housing Officer as it is only in exceptional circumstances that you can select a contractor whose premises are more than 5 miles from your address

d) When the work has been completed, inspected and an invoice submitted the council will pay the contractor direct.