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Struggling to Pay Rent?

Contact Housing Income

You should always ensure that paying your rent is a priority.  When you sign your Tenancy Agreement with the council, you agree to pay your rent and other charges weekly in advance.  It is therefore very important that you do not get behind with your payments. 

Get in touch

However, if you do fall into arrears, you must contact the Housing Income Team straight away to discuss the situation.  Let us know if you are experiencing difficulties, for example because you have lost your job or fallen ill.  We may be able delay taking further action and help you if we are aware of the problem and the steps you are taking to resolve it.

You can contact us on 01536 410333  and ask to be put through to the Housing Income Team or email us at rents@kettering.gov.uk.

Don't ignore the problem

If you are getting into rent arrears, we will also try to contact you. Your Income Officer will call and write to you to let you know your account is falling behind.  They may also visit your property to try and speak to you. Ignoring these attempts to make contact could make the problem worse and lead to further action being taken.