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Equality and Treating People Fairly

We recognise that not everyone’s experience is equal and there are many forms of discrimination affecting people's lives. Equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination is a fundamental right for everyone. 

Kettering Borough Council is fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity through our service delivery, policy development and employment practices. The Council strongly believes that everyone should be treated fairly and this is an important principle that underpins all that the Council does.

The Council is aiming to further improve its approach to equalities and also its rating under the Equality Framework for Local Government. It is currently a "Developing" authority and it is aiming for an “Achieving” status.

We intend to promote equality and prevent discrimination through our roles as service provider, employer and community leader. 

Work is currently underway to further-develop our approach to equality and this webpage will be updated to reflect this progress.

The links below provide further detail in relation to the Council’s approach to equality in recruitment:

Equality Impact Assessments

Kettering Borough Council takes equality and diversity seriously. The council believes in the dignity of all people and their right to respect and equality of opportunity. We want to provide a high quality and appropriate service for everyone in the Borough of Kettering.

Through Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs), we assess council policies and services to identify whether the needs of different community groups have been sufficiently considered. These assessments allow managers to consider whether more community consultation is needed and whether a change of service delivery may be required to improve equality. 

Our Equality Impact Assessment process helps us to meet our obligations under The Equality Act 2010.