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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Plans for the following areas have been designated:

  • Broughton (designated 15th January 2014)
  • Braybrooke (designated 14th April 2020)
  • Desborough (designated 16th October 2013)
  • Grafton Underwood (designated 3rd June 2019)
  • Great Cransley (designated 27th May 2015)
  • Mawsley (designated 15th April 2015)
  • Pytchley (designated 7th December 2015)
  • Rothwell (designated 10th April 2013)
  • Rushton (designated 22nd March 2022)
  • South West Kettering (Headlands Community) (designated 14th October 2015)
  • Harrington (designated 9th September 2019)
  • Wilbarston (designated 11th July 2022)

Neighbourhood Plans for the following areas have been "made":

What is Neighbourhood Planning?
Neighbourhood Planning is an opportunity for communities to come together and prepare a Neighbourhood Plan which will shape the future development of their Area.

The Government has introduced a new tier of planning to allow Parish and Town Councils and Neighbourhood Forums to prepare Neighbourhood Plans which when adopted will form part of the Development Plan. Neighbourhood Plans will sit below the District level Local Development Framework.

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan
Neighbourhood Plans will have a statutory role and will therefore need to:

  • Conform with the North Northamptonshire Local Development Framework
  • Conform with the National Planning Policy Framework
  • Conform with European Union (EU) requirements and the Human Rights Act 1998

Prior to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan a Town or Parish Council or Neighbourhood Forum needs to apply to the Council to designate the Neighbourhood Plan Area. When a Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared by a Neighbourhood Forum the Forum also need to apply to the Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Forum.

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