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Rothwell & Desborough Urban Extension Area Action Plan (AAP)

The Rothwell and Desborough Urban Extension AAP will set out the vision and detailed policies for Rothwell and Desborough SUEs including the identification of housing, employment, recreation and other land uses. The AAP once adopted will form part of the North Northamptonshire Development Plan.

There is a Borough Council resolution to submit the Rothwell & Desborough Urban Extension AAP.  The AAP’s submission was delayed pending progress with the Kettering Town Centre AAP, which was adopted in July 2011.

The Council subsequently received outline planning applications for both favoured sites at Rothwell and Desborough:

The AAP remains on hold pending determination of the Rothwell North application. If the AAP is to be submitted to the Secretary, the view is that the decision to submit should be revisited and endorsed by Members of the Planning Policy Committee.