1995 Local Plan Saved Policies, Maps & Guidance


Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents provide greater detail on policies in development plan documents (DPDs), which also form part of the statutory Local Development Framework (LDF).

Guidance only documents on the following subjects are available on request:

  • Accessible Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Employment Site Development Principles
  • Hedge Specification
  • House Alterations and Extensions
  • Housing Layout and Design Criteria
  • Industrial and Commercial Layout and Design
  • Landscape Planning
  • Mini Collection Areas Design Standards
  • Open Space Provision
  • Parking
  • Planning Brief For New Settlement Proposals
  • Planning Out Crime
  • Urban Design and the Street Scene
  • Wildlife Features and Habitat
  • Building Better Places - How to contribute to sustainable development

Development Briefs

Interim Planning Guidance