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Harrington Neighbourhood Development Plan - Examiner’s Clarification Note

Harrington Neighbourhood Development Plan - Examiner’s Clarification Note

This Note sets out my initial comments on the submitted Plan. It also sets out areas where it would be helpful to have some further clarification. For the avoidance of doubt, matters of clarification are entirely normal at this early stage of the examination process.

Initial Comments 

The Plan has been prepared and presented in a very professional and effective manner. The photographs and the maps are excellent.

In addition, the Plan is supported by a good package of appendices (E/F/G/H are particularly relevant and distinctive).

The Plan sets out a good vision and incorporates a positive explanation of sustainable development. 

Points for Clarification

I have read the submitted documents and the representations made to the Plan. I have also visited the neighbourhood area. I am now able to raise issues for clarification with the Parish Council. The comments made on the points in this Note will assist in the preparation of my report and in recommending any modifications that may be necessary to ensure that the Plan meets the basic conditions.

Policy ENV1

This is a good policy which is underpinned by Appendix E.

The importance of The Falls to the local community and the local environment was self-evident from the visit. 

However, to what extent did the Parish Council undertake an assessment of:

  • the extent to which the proposed local green space is local in character and not an extensive tract of land (NPPF 102c)? 
  • the degree of protection already afforded to the area by virtue of its status as a scheduled Park and Garden (1001034) (as set out in Planning Practice Guidance 37-011-20140306)?

Policy ENV6

This is another good policy which is underpinned by Appendix H.

The identified views were very clear when I visited the neighbourhood area.

Policy ENV8

The approach to dark skies properly reflects the character of the neighbourhood area. However:

  • is the level of detail in the second paragraph necessary?
  • is the final paragraph necessary given that any proposals for lighting on the A14 would be a highway rather than a planning matter?

Policy CF1

This is a good policy which takes account of viability and potential changes within the Plan period (such as the provision of alternative or replacement facilities).

Policy E4

This policy reads well. 

For my clarity are a) and b) intended to be freestanding elements or detailed criteria linked to the second sentence of the policy (on above ground network installations)?


I would find it helpful to have the Parish Council’s comments on the representations made by North Northamptonshire Council.

Protocol for responses

I would be grateful for responses by 19 December 2022. Please let me know if this timetable will be challenging to achieve. It is intended to maintain the momentum of the examination.
If certain responses are available before others, I would happy to receive the information on a piecemeal basis. Irrespective of how the information is assembled, please could it come to me directly from North Northamptonshire Council and make direct reference to the policy or the matter concerned.

Andrew Ashcroft
Independent Examiner 
Harrington Neighbourhood Development Plan. 
28 November 2022