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Saved Planning Policies

Saved Policies List - July 2011

Schedule of Local Plan for Kettering Borough Adopted January 1995

Updated July 2011

Policy Number Policy Name/Description
1 Development: Supplementary Planning Guidance
7 Protection of the open countryside
10 Cransley & Thorpe Malsor reservoirs
33 Advertisement, signs and shop fronts
35 Within towns
39 Affordable housing
49 Temporary dwellings
52 Change of use to small offices
58 Within towns
64 Development within established shopping area
86 Existing public car parks
99 Class A3 uses
103 Hotel accommodation
B2 Environmental improvement
B5 Affordable housing
B9 New leisure facilities
D2 Environmental improvement
D5 Affordable housing
D12 Back Lane
D13 Green Lane
K3 Ise Valley
K4 Slade Valley
K6 Environmental improvement
K12 New housing sites
K15 Character and density in defined housing areas
K16 Protected housing areas
R2 Environmental improvement
R4 Area of special advertisement control
R6 Affordable housing
R9 The Slade Valley
R11 Rowell Fair
RA1 Area of special advertisement control
RA3 Housing in restricted infill villages
RA4 Housing in restraint and scattered villages
RA5 Housing in the open countryside
RA6 Affordable housing
RA7 Affordable housing for local needs
RA14 Reuse and conservation of rural buildings