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Site Specific Part 2 Local Plan Examination


The programmed hearings have been completed.  Hearing Sessions took place between the 8th and 16th October 2020. The Final Hearings Programme can be viewed here. 

The Hearings took place virtually through Zoom due to Covid 19 restrictions and were conducted on the basis of the Virtual Hearings Guidance Note.

Privacy Notices from the Inspectorate and Borough Council were in place prior to the commencement of the hearings.

Agendas for the Hearing Sessions were as follows:  

The Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions formed the basis of discussion at the Hearing Sessions.

An additional question was posed under Matter 1 to the Plan in response to recent changes in the Use Classes Order. Please note this was discussed during the hearing sessions for Matters 9 and 10.


Post Hearing Correspondence

The Council and the Inspector have exchanged correspondence regarding the post hearing work required and the next steps for the Examination process

  • EXAM 16 - KBC's List of Post Hearing Actions
  • EXAM 17 - Inspector Letter to KBC re post hearing actions and next steps

The Council has responded to the Inspector's action points in document EXAM 18 and supporting documents.  The proposed list of Main Modifications atached at Appendix 1 are interim only and will be worked up further and consulted on in due course:

  • EXAM 18 - KBC's Post Hearing Work
  • EXAM 18a - Appendix 1 - Interim Table of Main Modifications
  • EXAM 18b - Appendix 2 - Note on BLA6
  • EXAM 18c - Appendix 3 - Note on Local Green Space
  • EXAM 18d - Local Green Space Summary Table

The Inspector has published a note setting out the next steps in the examination:

  • EXAM 19 - Inspector's Interim Findings
  • EXAM 19A - KBC's Response to Inspector's Interim Findings
  • EXAM 19B - Inspector's Response to EXAM 19A